27 November 2010

Snap–photographic coincidence

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I was out visiting one of my favourite areas last Wednesday with my friend and fellow photographer Tony and although we wandered around the Godley Head site more or less independently we both managed to end up with almost the same photograph – the first one shown below.












You can see Tony’s vision of the same scene here. It’s interesting that in this case we both observed the same thing as so often we seem to take photos a few metres apart which the other hasn’t even been aware of. Some of my panoramas showing the interior of a World War II gun emplacement and its radar control room can be found here (bottom and 4th from the bottom).

The next photo was taken on the previous day during another walk, this time up the track at the end of Bowenvale Avenue.












I recently came across a most interesting article regarding out use of time and how precious this is (or should be) to us. It’s titled ‘Life is Short’ and contains the thoughts of photographer David du Chemin in response to how we do or don’t take the opportunities presented to us both for our own good but also in the way in which we are able to help or interact with others. It’s a great, thought provoking read. Click here to read the article and here and here for follow up posts.

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