Governors Bay Astrophotography

I noticed that we had clear skies last night and with bad weather on the way decided it was time to get out and take a few astro-photographic landscape shots. I only stayed an hour so was quite pleased to get a few reasonable shots in that short time.

Both shots are taken from near the jetty at Governors Bay.


This first shot shows Lyttelton Port, near Christchurch New Zealand, in the background with the boar cradle/ramp in the foreground and of course the milky way to the right of centre.

Lyttelton Harbour with Milky Way

Lyttelton Harbour with Milky Way


This photo is taken at the entrance to the blocked off jetty looking towards Diamond harbour which is just over the ridge from the lights appearing on the shore line across the other side of the harbour.


Milky way over Dia mond Harbour

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