Coopers Knob

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Coopers Knob is near the Southern end of the Crater Rim Walkway. This panoramic view shows the port of Lyttelton on the left side of the harbour. Quail or Otamahua island in the centre of the harbour.

The horizon behind the Trig Station (the black and white man made object in the foreground) is the Southern Alps, around 80km distant.

On the small peak to the right of the trig station you may be able to see the radar dome which is responsible for air traffic control over the top of the South Island. On the opposite side from the harbour, looking South you can glimpse Lake Ellesmere (Te Waihora). Mt Herbert (Te Ahu Patiki)  is the large, flat topped, peak to the right of the harbour, the peak to the left of this covered with gorse is The Monument.

You can also catch glimpses of the summit road, Living Springs and Teddington as well as the Canterbury Plains.

images © greg mckenzie

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