Philosophy behind my Abstract Photography

My current explorations in photography are concerned with seeing beauty in man-made environments. Often this beauty may be the result of unplanned juxtapositions of shapes, colours or textures or even the unintentional arrangements of graffiti, posters or accidental spills of paint and other materials.

Seeing this is similar to the landscape artist who sees and captures scenes from nature. I believe that there are similar scenes to be found in urban environments if we are but willing to take the time to perceive what is before us. 

I am a member of a loose group of friends called the Four/Thirds group. The notion behind the formation of this group is that as a group of friends we comment on each others works, so giving rise to changes or improvements in the finished works, and new concepts to explore or develop in future works.

The resulting synergy means that the final result is more than the individual parts from each contributor. Four/Thirds is greater than the individual.





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