September PODs

Today’s PODs are mainly from my trip to Nelson last weekend.My aim had been to try and find some landscape scenes worth photographing and though I did succeed to some extent I was rather distracted by other finds!

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These two landscapes were taken near the top end of Neudorf Road.





These next two are composite photos, showing views through the broken windows, of ‘Wyperserfontein’, an abandoned house on Neudorf road near Upper Moutere, Nelson.





Another abandoned house a few km west of Richmond on Appleby Highway. This photo has been edited to remove some distracting features to the left of the house.



Finally one from Sumner beach near Shag Rock just after high tide. As the water retreated it left these patterns in the sand. The contrasts in colour and texture intrigued me and the lack of clues regarding scale was also intriguing.


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