Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours consist of a number of linked 360 degreee interactive panoramas that allow you to navigate from one location to the next as if you were moving through the significant sites or features of that location.

Below are some examples. You can navigate through the locations either by clicking the icons in the tour or by using the drop-down menu.

[pano file=”” preview=”” width=”500px” height=”150px”]A beautifully restored villa. Once I saw this I knew that I had to photograph it!

[pano file=” Gorge/index.html” preview=”” width=”500px” height=”150px”]Hokitika Gorge Virtual Tour, NZ. There are 3 scenes to explore here.

[pano file=” Hill VT/index.html” preview=”” width=”500px” height=”150px”]Castle Hill rock formation, Canterbury, NZ.

[pano file=”” preview=”” width=”500px” height=”150px”]Transport section of Ferrymead historic park, Christchurch, NZ

[pano file=”” preview=”” width=”500px” height=”150px”]Wellington Mosque, Kilbirnie

[pano file=”” preview=”” width=”500px” height=”100px”]Stonehenge, Aotearoa (NZ)

[pano file=”” preview=”” width=”500px” height=”150px”]The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, Christchurch


All photography and Virtual Tour assembly by Greg McKenzie

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